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CATS Sales Performance Management (SPM) keeps businesses on target with an integrated suite of SPM applications for planning, designing, allocating and managing incentive compensation, data integration and transformation, territory and channel management, quota and target management, goal setting, modeling, business intelligence and enterprise analytics, and workflow process automation.

Provided as a secure cloud service hosted by Centsoft, or as an on premise solution, CATS SPM delivers instant availability and universal access, at a very competitive price, with no upfront costs or commitments.
CATS Portal, the perfect complement to CATS SPM, is the online meeting place and communications center that keeps your sales team working at maximum efficiency.

Available anywhere, anytime, from any device, it provides a secure, customizable portal for the rapid delivery and exchange of information critical to the success of your sales program. Publish custom dashboards to visually communicate sales goals and performance, distribute profile based analytics and drill-down reports, manage approvals, set quotas, control dispute resolution procedures, and enable the efficient exchange of information throughout your organization with intelligent and flexible workflow processes.
Important features, capabilities, and highlights of the CATS SPM platform.
See CATS SPM and CATS Portal in action. Our video tutorials will demonstrate important features.

The CATS Calculation Engine is at the heart of everything CATS does. The result of 25 years of experience in building complex SPM systems in challenging environments, it provides a foundation for the accurate and efficient processing of sales information and enterprise data.

While meeting an ease-of-use standard with a visual, interactive designer, it is distinguished as being the only SPM technology that is natively extensible, by a full-featured, tightly integrated, database-independent, business-rule language.

As opposed to relying on third-party middle-tier tools for defining complex algorithms and data transformations, with the requisite inefficiencies, including the duplication of databases, the CATS Calculation Engine can natively support all conceivable plan calculation and business process requirements, eliminating data redundancy, at a processing efficiency, maintainability, and transparency that far surpasses all other available solutions.

Quite simply, the CATS Calculation Engine will elevate your compensation program to a level of efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and scalability that no one else can match.

CATS Integrated ETL, a functional layer between the CATS Calculation Engine and the underlying database, provides a high level API for data retrieval, transformation, and processing.

Calculation definitions and processing algorithms are defined as a set of business rules, independent of the underlying DBMS, and do not rely on database specific stored procedures and scripts. Therefore, CATS can connect seamlessly to a variety of backend data servers, including an internal desktop DBMS, and execute consistent business processing rules, without manual modifications, that are easily viewed and maintained by compensation administrators.

In addition, third-party, add-on ETL tools are not required. The tight connection of CATS Integrated ETL to the calculation engine enables processing speeds that cannot be achieved by competing products.
CATS Enterprise Analytics is a business analytics environment for the development and distribution of reports and data visualizations that motivate your sales team and empower your business to find answers in minutes not months. Profile-based reports provide relevant views across the sales team: global, regional and individual sales performance and compensation detail, with interactive drill-down capability, can be quickly designed and published throughout your organization.
Glue is an enterprise-class rapid application development environment, designed to integrate people, processes, and systems that run all phases of an organizations’ operations, increasing internal coordination of work and cooperation across an enterprise.

With a framework of plug-in components, libraries, APIs, and software tools, integrated by an agile-code language and hosted within a common flexible architecture, Glue enables the agile development of a wide range of multi-tier desktop and web-based software, facilitating the integration of core business operations and processes, including sales, accounting, finance, human resources, inventory and manufacturing.

Glue solves problems, quickly and efficiently, eliminating drawn-out software projects and reducing reliance on expensive and inflexible off-the-shelf enterprise software components. Custom applications and automation tools can be built in a matter of days, not years, and are modifiable as conditions and requirements evolve, leading to dramatic improvements in cost-efficiency and productivity.

Glue, the foundation that CATS is built on, is now an enterprise RAD platform for agile software development.
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We're in the business of helping you successfully manage your customer sales relationships, so you can be certain that we take care of our own customers. Centsoft is committed to providing you with the resources you need to ensure that your experience with our solutions and services is successful. That's why comprehensive support is included as part of our total product solution.
We'll manage your sales performance program from start to finish: loading and verifying data, exception handling and verification, sales hierarchy management, performance allocations, staff turnover, commission calculations, enterprise reporting, workflow processing, approval tracking, payroll interface processing, and the many other recurring and ad-hoc tasks that are necessary requirements in the real-world.
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