Glue is an enterprise-class rapid application development environment, designed to integrate people, processes, and systems that run all phases of an organizations’ operations, increasing internal coordination of work and cooperation across an enterprise.

With a framework of plug-in components, libraries, APIs, and software tools, integrated by an agile-code language and hosted within a common flexible architecture, Glue enables the agile development of a wide range of multi-tier desktop and web-based software, facilitating the integration of core business operations and processes, including sales, accounting, finance, human resources, inventory and manufacturing.

Glue solves problems, quickly and efficiently, eliminating drawn-out software projects and reducing reliance on expensive and inflexible off-the-shelf enterprise software components. Custom applications and automation tools can be built in a matter of days, not years, and are modifiable as conditions and requirements evolve, leading to dramatic improvements in cost-efficiency and productivity.

Glue, the foundation that CATS is built on, is now an enterprise RAD platform for agile software development.
Automated billing systems
Automation of manual processes
Automation of inter-process communication
Business continuity planning (BCP)
Business informatics
Business intelligence
Business process management
Call center and customer support
Collaboration technologies
Content management system (CMS)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Data entry and information collection
Database management
Data visualization
Email communication and marketing systems
Enterprise application integration (EAI)
Enterprise architecture
Enterprise asset management (EAM)
Enterprise forms automation
Enterprise web portal
Enterprise reporting
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Enterprise search
HR management
Identity management
Information technology management
Integrated business planning
Inventory management
Legacy modernization
Management information system
Master data management (MDM)
Messaging and collaboration systems
Mobile technologies
Operational risk management
Payment processing
Project management
Purchasing management
Retail software
Sales opportunity management
Sales process workflow
Strategic information system
Supply chain management (SCM)
Workflow automation
  1. Bring us a need: A business analytics web portal, a middle-tier application involving complex data manipulation, a multi-path automated workflow process that supports smartphone access, or any other conceivable enterprise software requirement.
  2. We'll rapidly deliver a solution using Glue. Glue is free to use for the first year (and inexpensive thereafter).
    You pay a reasonable hourly rate for customization (with a guaranteed not-to-exceed amount).
    If you're not happy, you pay nothing.
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 above.
On Premise On Demand Note
Glue App $200 / User / Month $300 / User / Month Discounted after 10 users.
Fee waived for the first year.
Glue Portal $20 / User / Month $20 / User / Month Discounted after 100 users.
Fee waived for the first year.
Customization $175 / hour $175 / hour

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