CATS Enterprise Analytics is a business analytics environment for the development and distribution of reports and data visualizations that motivate your sales team and empower your business to find answers in minutes not months. Profile-based reports provide relevant views across the sales team: global, regional and individual sales performance and compensation detail, with interactive drill-down capability, can be quickly designed and published throughout your organization.

Communicate information, visually, sourced from anywhere in the enterprise.

Recognizes and supports a wide range of information sources, including: worksheets, XML, web services, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.

On premise or on demand: High availability. Bullet-proof security. SAS70 II compliance. Anytime, anywhere browser-only access.

Comprehensive location and role based access control. Supports a wide range of distribution options. Publish reports to a single individual or across the enterprise.

Create and distribute reports and graphics quickly using a fill-in form, in as little as 60 seconds.

Visual data representations and reports can also be defined and generated programmatically, and distributed throughout the enterprise, with a one-line business rule.

Fill in the properties sheet by selecting items from pick lists.

Publish it to CATS Portal.
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